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Cooked spring vegetables


Bamboo shoots, udo (Aralia cordata), rape blossoms, sugar, soy sauce, salt, vinegar, dashi stock, sake



  • Put bamboo shoots, rice bran and water into a large pot and boil about 1 hour. In case you use a big bamboo shoot, soak it for 1.5 hours after turning off the heat.
  • Peel the udo skin, soak it in water with rice vinegar.
  • Boil the cut bamboo shoots for about 30 min with dashi stock, a little bit of sugar, salt, soy sauce, sake (not too sweet) at medium heat.
  • Boil udo about 15 min. with dashi stock, sugar, vinegar and salt.
  • Boil rape blossoms quickly, put them into cold water then drain.
  • Serve in a bowl.




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