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Hijiki and Natto


Hijiki, Konnyaku, Eringi mushrooms, natto, sugar, soy sauce, sake, radish sprouts



  • Soak dried hijiki (10-20 min) and wash well.
  • Cut Konnyaku and eringi mushrooms in strips.
  • Fry Hijiki
  • Add Konnyaku and Eringi mushrooms to Hijiki and continue to fry.
  • Season with sugar, soy sauce, oil and dashi stock (water is also OK), boil about 10 min with a lid until the liquid evaporates.
  • Add natto and mix with 5. Add natto approx. 30% of 5. quantity (without liquid) and mix.
  • Leave 5 min with a lid.
  • Serve with radish sprouts.




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