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Hand made “Hiryūzu”


Firm (coarse-grained) tofu, Japanese yam, carrot, Hijiki (sea vegetable), Corn, Kidney beans, potato starch



  • Place the tofu on a cutting board and to drain it for about 1 hour by using a weight on top.
  • After the tofu is drained, grate it and mix with some Chinese yam and potato starch.
  • Cut carrot into small pieces and boil it with hijiki lightly flavored.
  • Mix 2. and 3. with corn. (it is also OK to use for example: ginkgo, lotus root). Drain well.
  • Round it to an appropriate size and deep fry at around 160℃ in oil until it becomes brown.
  • You can eat it with soy sauce or lightly flavored dashi stock. ※ Serve with kidney beans.




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