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3 kinds of sweets for New Year
Yokan (Soy beans jelly), kuromame kanten (black soybeans agar) Kurikinton (mashed sweet potatoes with sweetened chestnuts)


Yokan…500g soybeans, 500g sugar, agar, salt
Kuromame kanten…black soybeans, sugar, agar, salt
Kurikinton…sweet potato, bottled chestnuts, salt




  • Heat rinsed soybeans, when the color of the hot water changes, discard it.
  • Put 1. into water and boil again.
  • When soybeans become soft and split, add agar.
  • When agar melts, add sugar.
  • Stir 4. continuously with a scoop at low heat to avoid scorching.
  • Add a bit of salt, when it becomes sticky, pour it into a mould


◎Kuromame Kanten

  • Put proper quantity of agar into water and boil.
  • When agar melts, add sugar and salt
  • Put cooked black soybeans into a mould and pour agar.



  • Cut peeled sweet potatoes in pieces of 3 cm.
  • Put alum into water and soak sweet potatoes for about 1 - 2 hours.
  • Rinse sweet potatoes, and steam for 20 min.
  • Strain hot potatoes.
  • Put 4. into a pot with sugar and water, and knead 20 min. at low heat.
  • Add a little of salt and mix with chestnuts.




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