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Shojin Manjū (Vegetarian Buddhist cuisine Dumpling)


Soft wheat flour, baking powder, sugar, azuki-beans, dried strips of daikon (Kiriboshi daikon)




  • 1. Make the wrapper of dumpling by sieving flour and baking powder.
  • Pour water on 1, and mix until it becomes soft (as an earlobe), it’s better to add some sugar
  • Soak dried strips of daikon in water (10-20 min), fry in sesame oil.
  • Season 3, by adding sugar, some salt, soy sauce and sake to give it a strong, slightly sweet flavor. Use water of 3. (it is OK to add deep fried tofu)
  • Round 4 into small balls.
  • Wrap 4 in wrappers of 2. Steam about 15 min.
  • Serve on a plate.




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