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Modoki Shitake mushrooms, candy apple


Shiitake mushrooms, yam, yukari, oil, apples, sugar, sake, salt




Modoki Shiitake mushrooms

  • Cut shiitake mushrooms in decorative shapes.
  • Grate the yam.
  • Add Yukari (dried Japanese basil) to 2. and mix well.
  • Spread 3. on the bottom side of Shiitake mushrooms (1 - 2 cm thickness)
  • Deep fry 4. at about 170℃ in oil.


Candy apple

  • Cut apple into 12 pieces.
  • Soak apple pieces in salt water.
  • Put the apple pieces into the pot so that they do not overlap.
  • Add 45 g of sugar per 1 apple.
  • Add 100 ml of sake and a little bit of salt. Cook a medium flame until the liquid disappears.




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