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Takenoko (Bamboo shoot) Sushi


Boiled bamboo shoots, rice for Sushi, sugar, salt, soy sauce, sake, dashi stock.



  • Cut bamboo shoots in half, take the nodes of bamboo joint using a small knife.
  • Boil bamboo shoots just covered with dashi stock, season with sugar, salt, soy sauce and sake (make it a bit sweet). Boil about 30 - 40 minutes at medium heat.
  • Make rice for sushi.
  • Cool bamboo shoots, and put bamboo shoots on plastic wrap, fill sushi rice into bamboo shoot (it is OK to put a leaf bud, wasabi or ginger in the bamboo shoot)
  • Wrap 4. in the plastic wrap.
  • Leave 5. about 30 min., and cut bamboo shoots in the plastic wrap with a knife wetted in rice vinegar.
  • Remove plastic wrap and serve.




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