Peanuts tofu


Raw peanuts and roasted peanuts 2:1, kuzu starch, sake, miso, wasabi, sugar


  1. Make miso: mix Hacho miso and sugar 1: 1 with sake and dashi stock and boil in a pot. When boiling, stir 10 min, then remove the pot from the fire.
  2. Put peanuts into a blender, strain and squeeze with a cloth.
  3. Mix peanuts and kuzu 2:1. The proportion of water should be 50-60%.
  4. Put 3. into a pot, boil while mixing well. Add a little bit of sake and salt.
  5. Start with strong heat until the mix starts hardening, after that at low heat (mix continuously using a wooden spatula )
  6. Knead about 30 min, Put it into the mould when it becomes sticky.
  7. Cool it and cut it in appropriate size.