Fuki with sesame sauce


Fuki (Japanese butterbur), sesame paste, sugar, salt, sake, vinegar, dashi stock


  1. Sprinkle salt on fuki and rub it lightly, put it into boiling salt water.
  2. Cook well, then put it into cold water (when it is not cooked well, it becomes black)
  3. Peel the skin of fuki from the bottom (thick side) to top.
  4. Cut it in 4 – 5 cm size.
  5. Cut 4. lengthways to make it thin.
  6. Boil lightly with dashi stock, sugar, salt and sake.
  7. Mix sesame paste, sugar, a little bit of sake, vinegar using a whisk until it becomes sticky.
  8. Serve 6. with sauce (7.).