Annual events

At Sojiji, various kinds of events and ceremonies are held throughout the year.

Month Schedule Details
Jan Hatsumode (the first temple visit at New year) Wishing good health throughout the year.
Kangyo Takuhatsu (Begging for alms) Monks go out to the city to beg for alms.
Dogen Zenji’s birthday assembly Birthday of Dogen Zenji
Feb Setsubun To call for good luck
Nehan (Nirvana) Sesshin  
Buddha’s Nirvana assembly Death day of Shakyamuni Buddha
Mar Memorial ceremony for the victims of North-East Japan earth quake.  
Spring Higan-e (Equinox ceremony) 1 week of Buddhist practice
Apr Start of intensive summer practice period  
Buddha’s birthday assembly Birthday of Shakyamuni Buddha
Jukai-e (ceremony of giving precepts) Practice days to receive precepts.
May Summer Ango Special practice days for monks.
Jun Denko-e Sesshin Intensive Zazen days and lecture for trainee monks.
Summer Zazen session Zazen practice for public
Jul Obon Sejiki-e ceremony to comfort the Ancestral spirits
Tanagyo Monks visit members homes to chant sutras
Bon dance festival (Mitama matsuri)  
Sep Autumn Higan-e (Equinox ceremony) 1 week of Buddhist practice
Oct Start of intensive winter practice period  
Memorial ceremony for Bodhi-Dharma Death day of Bodhi Dharma.
Goryoson Goshoki-e Memorial ceremonies for the founder and 2nd abbot of Sojiji
Nov Gathering of Sojiji’s members “Tsurumi Yume Hiroba” 能登より御移転した記念行持
Memorial day of Sojiji’s relocation Relocation from Noto, Monzen-cho to Tsurumi
Winter Ango Special practice days for monks.
Dec Rohatsu Sesshin Intensive Zazen practice days for trainee monks
年窮歳尽(ねんきゅうさいじん) 年末の諸行持

Other events

Monthly Zazen day 13:00- Zazen session for public on a designated day each month
Ho-on (repay the blessings) woman’s society Monthly gathering in connection with the monastery schedule.
Baika chanting 2days of every month (Eisanka/ Buddhist hymns sung with bell accompany)
The day for Hikari Kannon (shining bodhisattva) 18th of every month
The day for Mizuko Jizo (guardian deity for the spirits of miscarried babies) 24th of every month
Shakyo (tracing sutra) once in every month
Monthly Sermon once in every month
The day of Sanbo Daikojin (guardian deity to protect Buddha, Dharma and Sangha) 27th of every month