Treasure museum “Tekiteki-an”

reasure museum “Tekiteki-an” (former Hōmotsuden) was built in 1974 as a memorial project for the 650 year commemoration of the founder Keizan Zenji. Since 1976, cultural properties of Sojiji are displayed for the public.

Sojiji owns valuable religious fine art and scientific products, including 5 important cultural properties, and 5 Yokohama city-designated cultural properties. They are; paintings, sculptures, handicrafts, calligraphies, historical documents and others. About 50 articles are exhibited constantly; the display changes approx. every 3 months.

2023 Tekiteki-an spring season exhibition

PeriodApril 1 (Sat) to May 31 (Wen), 2023
Opening hours10:00 to 16:30 (Reception until 16:00)

*Closed on Thursdays and Fridays
*Open on public holidays (April 29th, May 3rd to 5th)

Gallery Talk

April 22 (Sat) 「曹洞宗のみほとけ」 “Soto sect Mihotoke”
May 20 (Sat) 「典籍から古筆切へ」 “From classics to old writings”
About 20 minutes from 14:00 (no prior application required)

Attached Small exhibition

桜 さまざま

– Various cherry blossoms –

Tekiteki-an Entrance hall

Information of “Tekiteki-an”

Opening days

  • Monday to Wednesday, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays during exhibition period
  • During events
    • New Year days (1/1 – 1/3)
    • Jukai ceremony period (4/10 – 4/16)
    • Goshoki ceremony period (10/12 – 10/15)

Closed days

  • Thursday, Friday (except national holiday)
  • Exhibition preparation period (from the day after the end of the exhibition until the day before the next exhibition starts)
  • Year End (12/25 – 12/31)

Open time

10:00 AM ~ 4:30 PM (reception until 4:00 PM)


Adults: 300 yen
Students: 200 yen
Groups: 200 yen (over 20 persons)
please contact us in advance


TEL +81 (0) 45-581-6065 (Direct)
TEL +81 (0) 45-581-6021 (General reception)