Butsuden -Buddha Hall-

This building is placed in the center of the traditional monastic structure, it is also called “Daiyu Hoden” At Sojiji, it enshrines the statue of Buddha Shakyamuni on the center altar. It is believed that Nyorai (Tathagata) appears to relieve our fear of death, sickness, trouble and hardship.

The right hand of this statue has Semui-in (take away fear mudra), and Yogan-in (wish-granting mudra) on the left hand.

These mudras express the compassionate mind that removes human being’s uneasiness and grant every kind of wish.

We enshrine Kasho (Kassapa) on the right side of the Buddha Shakyamuni, and Anan (Ananda) on the left side. They are two of the 10 great disciples of Buddha Shakyamuni.

Also, we enshrine the founder of Zen Buddhism Daruma daishi (Bodhi dharma) and Daigen shuri bosatsu on both sides of the altar.

Most of Soto Zen temples enshrine in this style, but enshrining the ancestor of Soto Zen Buddhism Tozan Gohon Daishi and Tendo Nyojo zenji is a characteristic of the Buddha hall of Sojiji.

Inside the Butsuden

On the front the calligraphy “Chingo Kokka (protection of the nation)” by His Highness Kuninomiya Kuniyoshiō is displayed.