Dai Sōdō is the principal building in a traditional monastic structure.

“Dai Sōdō” is also called “Undō” meaning the gathering hall for monks, or “Senbutsujō” meaning the hall for choosing the monk to be patriarch, or “Kobokudō” meaning monks practicing zazen like an old tree.

In the center of this hall Monju Bosatsu (Manjusri Bidhisattva) as monk is enshrined. Monks surround this statue and practice every day.

The present design is based on the “Hyakujō koshingi” written by Hyakujō Ekai Zenji (749-814). Our Zen practice from waking up to sleep is organized around this hall.

This hall is separated into 2 partitions with 86 zazen seats inside and 30 seats outside, so a total of 116 monks can practice zazen here.

The calligraphy “Senbutsu jō” by the 3rd abbot Nishiari Bokuzan is at the front entrance, also the calligraphy “Undō” by the 7th abbot Akino Kōdō.