The first entrance gate of Sojiji.

When you stand in front of the gate, you can see the calligraphy “Sanjushōkan (three pine trees gate)” written by Rev. Sodō Ishikawa Zenji (1841-1924). This is originated from the three pine trees at the original location of Sojiji Soin in Noto peninsula which look like a dragon.. This first entrance gate is exceptional as it was built in unique Korean style.

At the right side of this gate, there is “Shintō Angesho”, the place for monks who devote themselves into the practice to rest from a journey before formally entering Sojiji.

At the left side of the gate, “Enmei Jizo (Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva – Jizo is believed to prolong life )”statue is deified backed by the “Tsuiji fence”.

This Jizo Statue has a story of tragic love, and is called“Shamisen Jizo” at Noto Sojiji-Soin.