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Shōjin Fries


Shiitake mushrooms, mitsuba, Enoki mushrooms, boiled bamboo shoots, flour, salt, dashi stock, oil



  • Cut off the bottom of shiitake mushrooms and cut the top to decorative shapes.
  • Cut mitsuba and enoki mushrooms to the same length.
  • Paste the boiled bamboo shoots in a blender.
  • Put 3. in a bowl and add potato starch, sugar and salt (light flavor)
  • Add dashi stock and flour to the bowl, mix lightly to make tempura batter
  • Fry mushrooms etc in 160-170℃ oil. Do not put too much of the batter to mitsuba and enoki mushrooms.
  • Round bamboo shoot paste made at 4.to an appropriate size, put them into the oil until they rise to the surface.
  • Serve them on a plate.




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