This is our head abbot’s official chamber. It is a room where the head abbot officially meets visitors from across Japan.

“Shiuntai” is also the honorific title of the head abbot.

The rooms are separated by fusumas and wooden doors, which were painted by Tetsuen Sakuma (upper room), Michihiko Tsubata (Shoken room), Keigetsu Matsubayashi (Matsu room), Shuho Ikegami (Gan room) , Eiryo Satake, Ryuu Shimazaki, Soho Imai, Unkei Moriwaki, Toho Hirose (Kujaku room), Tanrei Kano (Ryu room), Shunzan Yagioka (Sansui room), Kajo Matsuno wakanari Takatori, Shien Sato and Masayoshi Otsubo between 1920 and 1921.

These pieces are valuable reminders of modern Japanese painting.

Shiun tei (Shiun garden)

This 1,650 square meter garden is in the style of “Chisen Kaiyu” a garden that features a path around a pond. Sōken Matsuo, the 9th master of Matsuo style tea ceremony designed the garden.

The tea house “Ishōan” is in one corner of this garden.