Hand made “Hiryūzu”


Firm (coarse-grained) tofu, Japanese yam, carrot, Hijiki (sea vegetable), Corn, Kidney beans, potato starch


  1. Place the tofu on a cutting board and to drain it for about 1 hour by using a weight on top.
  2. After the tofu is drained, grate it and mix with some Chinese yam and potato starch.
  3. Cut carrot into small pieces and boil it with hijiki lightly flavored.
  4. Mix 2. and 3. with corn. (it is also OK to use for example: ginkgo, lotus root). Drain well.
  5. Round it to an appropriate size and deep fry at around 160℃ in oil until it becomes brown.
  6. You can eat it with soy sauce or lightly flavored dashi stock. ※ Serve with kidney beans.