Takenoko (Bamboo shoot) Sushi


Boiled bamboo shoots, rice for Sushi, sugar, salt, soy sauce, sake, dashi stock.


  1. Cut bamboo shoots in half, take the nodes of bamboo joint using a small knife.
  2. Boil bamboo shoots just covered with dashi stock, season with sugar, salt, soy sauce and sake (make it a bit sweet). Boil about 30 – 40 minutes at medium heat.
  3. Make rice for sushi.
  4. Cool bamboo shoots, and put bamboo shoots on plastic wrap, fill sushi rice into bamboo shoot (it is OK to put a leaf bud, wasabi or ginger in the bamboo shoot)
  5. Wrap 4. in the plastic wrap.
  6. Leave 5. about 30 min., and cut bamboo shoots in the plastic wrap with a knife wetted in rice vinegar.
  7. Remove plastic wrap and serve.