5 Cooked dishes


Kelp, Daikon radish, pumpkin, Hiryuzu (deep-fried tofu mixed with thinly sliced vegetables), kidney beans, sugar, soy sauce, sake, salt, dashi stock


For a good taste, cook them separately.

    • Boil kelp in seasoned soup at low heat until it becomes soft.
    • Boil daikon radish with dashi stock, sugar, salt, soy sauce. 60 min at medium heat.
    • Boil Pumpkin with a small amount of dashi stock.
    • Boil hiryuzu covered with dashi stock, salt, soy sauce, sake for 30-40 min at medium heat.
    • Boil kidney beans in salt water. Put them into cold water after draining. Mix with chilled dashi stock, sugar, salt and sake.