Boiled Bamboo shoots and Koyadofu


Boiled Bamboo shoot, Koyadofu (freeze dried tofu), Okura (gumbo), sugar, salt, soy sauce, sake, dashi stock


  1. Cut boiled bamboo shoots (in case you use a big bamboo shoot, lightly score with a knife). Boil about 30 – 40 min. at medium heat with dashi stock, sugar salt, add soy sauce just for coloring
  2. Soak Koyadofu; put Koyadofu into 90℃ hot water, and turn it up and down. When it becomes quadruple size, put it into cold water, then drain slightly. Cut to pieces
  3. Season dashi stock with sugar and salt (a little bit sweet). Finally add a little bit of sake, cook Koyadofu about 30 – 40 min. at medium heat. (below boiling point, season it at medium heat)
  4. Cut Okura’s root base and boil in hot water with a bit of salt. Put it into cold water. Soak it in dashi stock that is seasoned with sugar and salt.
  5. Serve them in a bowl.