Hijiki and Natto


Hijiki, Konnyaku, Eringi mushrooms, natto, sugar, soy sauce, sake, radish sprouts


  1. Soak dried hijiki (10-20 min) and wash well.
  2. Cut Konnyaku and eringi mushrooms in strips.
  3. Fry Hijiki
  4. Add Konnyaku and Eringi mushrooms to Hijiki and continue to fry.
  5. Season with sugar, soy sauce, oil and dashi stock (water is also OK), boil about 10 min with a lid until the liquid evaporates.
  6. Add natto and mix with 5. Add natto approx. 30% of 5. quantity (without liquid) and mix.
  7. Leave 5 min with a lid.
  8. Serve with radish sprouts.