Shōjin Fries


Shiitake mushrooms, mitsuba, Enoki mushrooms, boiled bamboo shoots, flour, salt, dashi stock, oil


  1. Cut off the bottom of shiitake mushrooms and cut the top to decorative shapes.
  2. Cut mitsuba and enoki mushrooms to the same length.
  3. Paste the boiled bamboo shoots in a blender.
  4. Put 3. in a bowl and add potato starch, sugar and salt (light flavor)
  5. Add dashi stock and flour to the bowl, mix lightly to make tempura batter
  6. Fry mushrooms etc in 160-170℃ oil. Do not put too much of the batter to mitsuba and enoki mushrooms.
  7. Round bamboo shoot paste made at an appropriate size, put them into the oil until they rise to the surface.
  8. Serve them on a plate.